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The Irreplaceable Love

It was indeed a bizarre spark that erupted from the electrical meter. My sister and I were shocked within the brief moment. As we were gradually recovering from the rather strange moment, a call came in. My curiosity was in tune with my anticipation; it was quite ominous.

It was a call from my sister in the hospital where Mum has been admitted; she has been diagnosed with chronic jaundice. Mum has been suffering from this awful ailment that has made me a keen pessimist that she might not survive. Since I was born, Mum has never been this ill, and she will often pray never to be admitted to a general hospital in her lifetime. I guess that was the undeniable test she has to face from all her prayers.

The strange thing about this ailment is that she had been divorced from some nourishments we enjoyed. She now has to eat just some awkward meal with no taste or any form of sound delicacy; my pity for her.

The most mysterious thing about her is that she’s still very active close to being better than myself. She says her daily prayers regularly on time and was strong enough to slap my eldest sister when she outrageously fumbled; a disciplinarian to the core. In comparison to Dad, she is more liberal and Dad the all dominant; I chose not to say an authoritarian. But together, they made a wonderful couple. No doubt she was all submissive and a strong loyalist. Very conservative.

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This call from the hospital redirected the flow of the moment. One of my elder sisters who received the call wasn’t quite sure what she heard. But it sounded more like mum is no longer breathing. I couldn’t find myself in a dream, it was a reality.

To be sure, we quickly rushed down to a payphone, calling back the line to get the appropriate information. Now the tragic message seems clear from obscure. Without a hit or any form of pain, my elder sister began to cry. Her face suddenly became an ocean. The emotion was overwhelming.

To be out of this self-illusion, I took the phone, heard the message, and this time I need not an angel for clarity. Unconsciously, the mobile dropped from my hand as I never gave it a thought. All I could see was that the attendant picked it herself. It is confirmed, mum is dead. My world has cracked, shaken with a huge trembling. It was a terrifying and tragic day.

With no hesitation, we walked down the road to get a bus to the hospital.

Daria Shevtsova – Pexels

Moyosore Mohammed


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