TASMAG (Tell A Story Magazine) is a youth-centric online magazine started with the aim of providing young people an avenue to express their God-given talents.

Our mission is to build a strong network of talented and creative Writers in Nigeria and around the world. Writers get rewarded while showcasing their talents.

Our goal is to provide a viable platform for young people to share their thoughts, learn, re-learn, discuss issues (affecting the youths) and connect. TASMAG sets out to be a leading source of quality information, creative writing, serious online engagement and most importantly the scouting ground for the next generation of writers.

TASMAG will also provide training and support for our distinguished Writers when we hit that phase of our development.

TASMAG will go through the following developmental stages:


This stage commences on the 1st of December , 2014 when the website launches. Writers will post stories on TASMAG, share the articles with their followers, encourage them to comment on the articles and rate it. Winners will emerge every month; the Author of the most read article gets rewarded.


Coming soon…