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5 Smart Ways to Save Money this December

Christmas is here and we must enjoy the holiday when it arrives. And in December, enjoyment doesn’t always mean throwing lavish parties or buying the biggest chicken or ram, though.

Jesus is the reason for the season so first of all, calm down, think, reflect.

Are you a Christian? If yes, great! This list will help you conserve money.

You are not? good for you. But you will still spend money on Detty December o!


Everything is drastically increasing, the price of goods and services do not obey the law of gravity anymore. Things that go up don’t come down anymore.

Whether you believe in celebrating the religious festive season or not, you will contribute in one way or another to the celebrations.

There is the End of Year party, Christmas party, peer hangouts, vacation/holiday, and more.

In one way or the other this concerns you, so listen. By the way, this guide is for the singles, if you are married… uhmm, sorry because we are most likely crashing at your house.

I’m going to share five ways you can save money this yuletide season.

  1. Don’t Buy Christmas Clothes

Everyone wants to look sharp this season. Most adults today have continued the tradition of buying Christmas clothes from their parents. 

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It’s a good tradition oh… to always buy Christmas clothes. But remember you need to pay house rent when the new year comes.

This is the time to look through your closet. There must be one new clothe you haven’t worn in forever.

Restyle it, redesign it, reshape it. Be smart about it.

2. Pick a House

Pick a family house to spend the Christmas holiday. It could be your uncle or aunt’s, your parent’s, boyfriend/girlfriend’s or even a best friend’s.

When choosing a house pick one with a family, so your parents, sibling(s) or relatives who are married provide the best option.

At least for a house with a relative, you can be certain they will eat and plan the Christmas season unlike a single chap like you.

3. Don’t Travel

Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Traveling is like cutting down your finances for no good reason.

If you plan to travel this Christmas or New Year think about it again. The expenses on traveling are too much.

Think about it, the fare which has doubled, road hazards and all that. It’s quite expensive, don’t travel unless you budget for it months before Christmas.

4. Attend Christmas Parties

You shouldn’t dull yourself this period because your purse is dry.

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The best kind of enjoyment is the kind you don’t use your money for. Christmas Parties, end of year parties and the likes are taking off all over the place.

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Don’t gate-crash to avoid embarrassment, though. Try to get invitations from family and friends, as a lot of parties will be organized at work, church, social clubs and many more places.

5. Set a Budget

Yes, we know you won’t be traveling or buying Christmas clothes or cooking Christmas dishes. But you still need to have a budget.

You may prepare yourself with our plan for the holidays and still loose money if you don’t budget for unforseen circumstances.

Creating a budget is still very crucial in saving money any time any day. We advice you make one within your power.

Next year January, you can take a look back at the results and see how well it worked or not.


Ngozi Nwaubani

She's usually found writing Sci-Fi and fun articles on entertainment and lifestyle.

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