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Apply To The Andela Fellowship

Andela sets out to train 100,000 world-class developers in the next 10 years through a 4-year paid fellowship. The fellowship is aimed at churning out well trained and professional sofware developers to bridge the gap for the need for talented programmers who are solution providers. The following paragraphs best descibes Andela and their vision to train and nourish the next generation of software developers in Africa.

Do you have a passion for technology? Consider applying for the Andela Fellowship, a 4-year paid opportunity to master the craft of professional software development while working for leading technology companies around the globe.

Successful applicants are invited to participate in a free, two-week long Boot Camp led by senior developers hailing from some of the world’s top engineering schools. It is one of the most rigorous training experiences in the world and you will learn the fundamentals of programming. Impress us during your Boot Camp experience and you will be invited to become an Andela Fellow. If you accept, you will begin our paid software developer training program and receive at least 1,000 hours of hands-on training in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other web and mobile software development skills.

Andela is a new kind of academic experience. It is sort of like a University, except instead of paying tuition, you earn a healthy income and benefits. Once you are done with basic training and ready to advance, usually 3-5 months, we place you as a remote member of a team with one of our partner companies around the globe. You will get to apply your new knowledge to real work, while Andela provides you with ongoing professional development and coaching to ensure that you evolve with the industry and graduate with maximum potential for long-term success.

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The Andela attractions

  • Andela has gone international, you get to work with top Tech companies around the world during your 4 year fellowship. Andela started in Nigeria and has now started accepting applications in Kenya, Ghana and South Africa.
  • Andela can be likened to an immersion programme. Building a habit is hard but Andela wants you to dedicate 4 years to being a better, habitual and world-class software developer. While at the Andela Amity Campus, you get quality training and get to meet like minds which can go a long way to enhance learning.
  • Earlier this year, TechPoint listed Andela Amity Campus, Yaba as one of the 5 companies with the coolest offices in Nigeria. The campus provides housing, cafeteria (free lunch) and learning space for the selected Developers.
  • After you training, you will be equipped to land your dream job or create solutions that can make our lives better.

Why not give Andela fellowship a trial and realize your dream of becoming a world-class software developer.

Update: Applications for Class XIII has now been extended to December 2015. To apply, click here

 On a final note, you are required to complete a home study test to prepare you for the selection process. You can find the home study curriculum hereIf you are yet to make up your mind, application for class XIV and subsequent fellowships will start shortly after the closing date of a round of application; Andela is serious about meeting up with her set goals. Simply put, application for Andela Fellowship is all-year-round.
Good luck! When you get selected, don’t forget to come and share the good news with us here on TASMAG.

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