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The Pandemic Weighs Differently On Us

So this afternoon, while sitting outside, in front of my house (rented apartment ni o), getting fresh air and observing things, since we are still hoping that one day, the yellow flash in our white bulbs will become constant and affordable (you know the usual now ‘light no dey’). I sat quietly chewing my leftover fried Sweet Potato from last night flanked by a wet-bodied Pepsi (the Pepsi bottle was wet, not chilled – ‘as per say light no dey and everything don neutralize’).

But, I noticed my street was deserted; unusually empty (no noise whatsoever, children not playing around, adult women with wrapper around the chest were scarce too, except local businesswomen whose shop is their ‘domot’. The famous Tinuomi street is filled with more nuisances than normal people. Well, I kept my faith alive as I was too sure there wasn’t any case of One Million Boys in the neighborhood the previous day.

Suddenly, I heard a strange sound – skriskriskriiiisiikiiiski. I looked towards the direction the sound was coming from, it was from a young guy using the ancient method to sharpen a knife. I didn’t have to think twice; I knew an innocent fowl is about to go down like many before it.

The guy came through with a live Chicken (broiler for that matter) and ripped off the head from the neck. With a smile in my heart while still dealing with the potato and Pepsi. I took a trip down memory lane to the felicitations of the festive periods seeing live Chickens tied and messing up everywhere. The thought vanished as my attention was snatched by the voice of one of my neighbor’s kid who was calling out for his mother

Mummy, Mummy, comman warn Ayomide o”.

For a while, I paused and tried to recall if I had actually seen ‘Mummy Ayo’ today; I haven’t. Then my curiosity as to why everywhere was empty increased, but then, the Pepsi effortlessly washing down the Potato will not make me think straight (try that combo before you judge me).

From the same direction the earlier skriskriskriiiisiikiiiski sound came from, alas! another skriskriskriiiisiikiiiski started warming up again. I looked up; it was the same guy, with yet another chicken executed (this time, I was so sure something was up, maybe nothing wrong, but for sure, something is up). Eid al-Fitr (the celebration marking the end of Ramadan) is still many days away for God’s sake, what exactly is happening?

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Amidst trying to connect the dots, Ayomide’s younger brother will not let me stay put on my thoughts, she kept calling for his mother to tell off Ayomide. I had to reprogram my mind to ignore him and his excesses so that I can get to the root of the matter (Why is brother man killing chicken fiam fiam like this? Where are the merry men of my street?).

In the midst of trying hard to comprehend what was going on, I could not help but look towards two brown-feathered local fowls (a guy and a lady) frolicking and messing around publicly. The female one suddenly started creating a scene by shouting and running like a mad person, while the Cock ran after it like a ‘one chance’ survivor ready for payback and justice. Well, as God will have it, they did the “do” (don’t ask me for too much information, I am actually driving at something more important).

At last, I finished my Potato and soft drink, it is easier for me to think straight now. Again, I heard another skriskriskriiiisiikiiiski from the same old direction, this time, maybe I could have raised an alarm, but it was followed by a very loud and annoying kind of murmur and hissing.

This time, the owner of the deceased chickens showed face and started explaining to a few neighbours outside as to why he instructed his boy to end the lives of the deceased chickens. It was from his explanation I was able to figure out why everywhere was empty, why Mummy Ayomide has refused to attend to the cry of her last born, and why the fowls had to fornicate in my presence, even why the yellow flash in our white bulbs were not on yet. Hmm! It rained in the morning. I see!

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Abajo, the Mummy Ayomide that I know does not joke with a call for help, especially of her last born. Hmm! What a weather, No wonder only a few people were outside.

Interestingly, the fowls my guy was busy sharpening knives for were from nearby poultry which was affected by the rain as well. I guess they were killed to save them from dying valueless.

So now, I was able to connect the whole situation to the current world situation. The pandemic, the gravity is not the same on all of us (it weighs differently on us). Some are pained to the core that they can’t even have a second thought for fun. That’s the case of the poultry farmer, who was out running here and there to make sure his livestock are safe to avoid an outright waste (You no sell am, you still no see am chop kind of situation). But nonetheless, he’s still at loss, killing 3 fat chickens that you reared for profit for unplanned consumption is no joke, yet, the chances of survival for the rest are slim.

Moreover, the story of some people as we speak: no income, no business transactions, no job to return to, and already running at loss in coupled with their debt profile before the lockdown.

Some are mindless about the situation, whether rain stops falling or fall till eternity, they are doing just fine, so unbothered that they cannot but glorify and observe an act through an innocent work of nature (rain). The rain as an excuse for ‘weather for two’ to ‘do the do’. For some, whether lockdown is lifted or extended, they are just good like that, so good that they got a quarantine partner, by all means, have enough to eat and money to spend.

Others are helpless, hopeless and bitter, they cry out for help at intervals, hoping that help will come from any angle (that’s Mummy Ayomide youngest child crying for help to be rescued from his older sibling, but help came not because Mummy Ayomide was on her way to climax city, and until she returns, she hears no cry. The story of some as we speak, they need help but help is far because those they are looking up to are also up to some other things.

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Some really wished they are fortunate enough to stock up before the lockdown proper, so they could join the likes of Mummy Ayomide to journey through the climax city, but unfortunately, they didn’t stock up and also don’t have a quarantine partner (probably they deerint expereet’, nobody did to be sincere). The aggressive cock and the willing hen is the story of some as we speak, they force themselves into those distributing quarantine packages – beat them and serve themselves, even though the essence of coming out to the street is to give.

Some are busy using the situation to while away time, observing things from an angle, and jotting things down (winks). Rather than wail in the anxiety and uncertainty COVID-19 ushered in, others are busy making comedy skits to entertain us.

Once and again, the gravity is not the same on all of us, it weighs differently on us. Whatever the situation is for you, may God help you, help me and help us all –

Regardless, keep keeping safe.


Two Dreamers – Pexels

Tannal Omoloye

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