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Ways You Can Avoid Roadside Robbery

A roadside robbery can happen to you while you are walking or driving on a road or highway.

They are quite rampant around the world, especially now that we’re entering the festive season, and as such there is a need to be aware of preventive tips to avoid them.

5. Walk with confidence and purpose

When you are on the go, walk intently and confidently with your head up. Potential robbers will think twice in trying to approach you. Whereas if you look preoccupied and distracted you will look an easy target.

4. Walk with someone

When running errands late at night, go with someone. It doesn’t matter if you’re an adult and think you can handle any situation by yourself.

It’s best to be in the company of one or two persons especially if you live in that side of town where people are usually robbed. If you are in the company of another adult it is highly unlikely that you will be approached by criminals.

3. Hold your Keys as you walk

Grip your keys between your thumb and pointer finger, in this way you can easily put up a line of defense if someone attacks you.

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Also gripping your keys this way will make it easy for you to enter your car or house as quickly as possible, instead of panicking at the door looking for right keys and getting caught like we see in the movies.

2. Walk in the light!

Don’t walk in dark corners unless you want to be robbed! Criminals always hang around dark spots so you need to be careful and observant around such areas.

If you suspect that you are being followed, walk to a populated area around, stop at a shop or a supermarket and let them know that you are being followed.

Act on your instincts and don’t keep it to yourself because most roadside robberies end up with the victims dead.

1. Don’t Walk with your phone in your hands

Yes, we know you it’s urgent and can be done on your phone! Or, in another case, we can see you taking selfies all over the place. But when walking around at night, put that phone in your pocket unless you want to draw unwanted attention to yourself.

Picking up calls too in unsafe areas is some times not a good idea because most robbers target both your phone and money.

When on the go, it’s best to keep your phone in your pocket or purse, walk around with less cash and away from suspicious territories. Stay safe out there, people!


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