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2015 Digital, Social Media & Mobile Report (Infographics)

The folks at We Are Social published this report of about the incredible growth of social media, digital and mobile for the year 2015. These graphics below are republished on tasmag.com with permission from the Simon Kemp; the Author.  The report examines all things digital and the expected growth the year 2015 will witness with impressive numbers. This report covers more than 240 countries around the world, and profiling 30 of the world’s biggest economies in detail, this report is the most comprehensive, free compendium of up-to-date digital statistics and data you’ll find.


Global Digital Snapshot 2015

Mobile is king (cheaper smartphones and more affordable data connections in 2015)

Internet penetration is expected to grow beyond 50% of the world’s population during mid to late 2016.

Social media penetration is expected to reach one-third of the world’s population (developing nations to account for almost all of this growth)


Internet Use:

Almost 42% of the world’s population has access to the internet in January 2015, representing a significant jump in reported 35% in 2014


Internet Use By Country (Global Average of 42%, Nigeria-38%):


Average Internet Connection Speed:


Time Spent On The Internet:


Mobile Share of Web Traffic:


Mobile accounts for 72% of all web pages served in India:

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Faster Mobile Internet Access is Growing (13% of mobile broadband access in Nigeria):


Social Media: 29% of the world’s population have active social accounts


Time Spent on Social Media:


Facebook continues to dominate the global social media landscape, claiming 1.366 billion active users in January 2015. Crucially, 1.133 billion of the platform’s global users – 83% of the total – now access the service through mobile devices.


Regional Mobile Social Overview:


Instant messenger services and chat apps now account for 3 of the top 5 global social platforms, and 8 instant messenger brands now claim more than 100 million monthly active users:


Mobile Devices

GSMA Intelligence and Ericsson both report more than 7 billion active mobile subscriptions, but it’s important to note that the average global mobile user still maintains roughly two active connections:


Smartphones account for an increasingly large proportion of mobile use, with Ericsson reporting that these devices claim a 38% share of the world’s active connections:


Mobile Broadband Use Worldwide:


Average Mobile Internet Speed:


Global Mobile Data Connection Growth:


Pre-Paid Vs. Post-Paid Connection:


Share of Web Traffic By Device:


Online Shopping:


Mobile Commerce is Picking Up Momentum Around The World:


Local Country Profiles:

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Source: We Are Social

Image Credit: We Are Social

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