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Blocking Calls and Messages on Windows Phone

How To Block Unwanted Calls and Messages On Windows Phone

Do you receive a lot of unsolicited calls and messages? If you live in Nigeria, this is the order of the day; we receive tons of these unwanted calls and SMS from our mobile network providers, strange numbers and short codes we never opted in for. Today, I’ll be showing you how you can block these calls and messages on your Windows phone.

How to block callers and messages

  1. Go to “Settings
  2. Scroll down to “call + SMS filter
  3. Switch the option on with the button on the top right corner.
Call and SMS Filter
Call and SMS Filter

 Block A Number

Now head over to your call history, make sure the number you want to add to your blacklist is on the log.

Press and hold the number to block till option pops up (See image below). Select “block number…” and that’s it.

Blocking A Phone Number on Windows Phone
Blocking A Phone Number on Windows Phone

Block SMS

Go to “Messaging

From the messages in your inbox, look for the last message from the number you like to block. Press and hold the number till option pops up then select “block number…” like you did above (See image below)


Note: Yo can block up to 1,000 numbers using this filter. Take a step further by turning off  “App Live Tile” and “Notifications” from the advanced option (See Image below)

Turn Off Notification For Unwanted Calls On Windows Phone
Turn Off Notification For Unwanted Calls On Windows Phone

If you have found this tip useful, kindly share this article with your friends. Do you have a way of blocking calls and SMS on your Windows, Android or iOS phone? Kindly share the tips in the comment box below.

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