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Master’s Degree Vs Professional Experience; Which is More Important?

Would you be going to graduate school for a Master’s degree?” 

Many of us were already sick and tired of schooling before we finished our undergraduate program. 

The prospect of spending a year or two in graduate school for a Master’s degree seems like torture. However, there is this pressure to get another degree because that undergraduate does not cut it anymore. 

So, due to pressure from family, friends, or employment situations, some people end up pursuing a Master’s degree within a year or two after graduation. Why should anybody pursue a Master’s degree?


Some Master’s degree holders disclosed several reasons why they decided to pursue it, ranging from starting a new career in a new professional field to gaining an advantage over colleagues in the same academic set. 

In a sane world, most people would attend Master’s classes because they hope to attain a doctorate in the future or work in academics. However, this world is not as right as it should be.

One of the most popular reasons people get a Master’s degree these days is simply to get a job that pays higher. 

A Master’s can help you get your dream job

Some employers believe that having a Master’s degree is an advantage because it certifies that the applicant has more knowledge and speciality than competitors with only an undergraduate degree. 

Getting a Master’s degree involves commitment, intelligence, hard work and excellent research abilities. These are qualities that most employers want in their employees.

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Any individual that satisfies the requirement for a Master’s degree can weather any storm that the office environment throws at them.

The possession of a master’s degree also helps improve the chances of being retrenched. Employers need to hold on to their best staff members, and the speciality attributed to having a masters degree can strengthen job security.  

Professional Experience vs Master’s Degree 

Which is crucial to the success of an operation? The Master’s degree holder or the experienced mind that has been there, done that, left with a t-shirt? 

Many fresh graduates would jump into the labour market as soon as possible to get relevant experience at the start of their careers. Also, the salary earned cannot hurt. Why spend more money to get another degree when you can make money with the one you already got? 

In some fields, the hours spent in a classroom and certifications acquired mean little or nothing if there is no experience to back it up. Practising marketing theories and writing a thesis is not the same as coming up with advertising strategies and watching your copies fail to convert. 

A Master’s degree in your current field of specialisation improves your knowledge. However, anybody can need to develop other aspects of their lives one way or the other.

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For instance, I have a degree in Botany but, I can get a Master’s degree in Business Administration to help improve my business acumen. Will this degree make me a better botanist?

master's degree

Graduate school can provide an avenue to interact with people of like minds and goals. It is the perfect opportunity to build a network of friends, business partners, and more. Getting a Master’s degree also gives you a sense of accomplishment that would improve your confidence. 

Upon graduation, you may realise that you have acquired more knowledge and experience, which may transform you into a better professional and person than you were before the commencement of the master’s program. 

Final advice 

When you make that decision to pursue a Master’s degree, consider your reasons carefully. If the sole purpose is to get a job in a particular sector, you should be sure that it is a requirement and you will not spend a few months of your life chasing a paper you would come to resent. 


Tomiwo Ojo

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