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Gory Tales Out of Nigerian Secondary Schools including Sylvester Oromoni

In summary, the year 2021 was all about survival, nothing more.

Stories we heard have been nothing but sad, with most of them coming from our Secondary schools.

We’ve curated these stories from the year 2021 and hope to see better stories in 2022.

5. School Clashes in Ogun State

Parents and students in Ogun State attacked or hired hoodlums to assault teachers in several schools across the state.

A bizarre instance is that of 38-year-old Abidemi Oluwaseun.

He led two thugs to assault a teacher for beating his 15-year-old daughter at Baptist Girls’ College in Abeokuta.

Similarly, a parent invaded Abeokuta Girls Grammar School with thugs to beat up a teacher for reprimanding her daughter.

Then there was the major clash between Egba Comprehensive High School and Asero High School students.

They hauled stones and other missiles at themselves, blocking a major road while at it to cause tension in the area.

During the clash, Divisional Police Officer (DPO) of Obantoko Division, SP Alimeke Ignatius, and his men were called in to settle the dispute.

Unfortunately, SP Alimeke and some of his men who raced to the scene to maintain law and order were allegedly injured in the fight.

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4. Cult Confraternities

Cultism is becoming a menace in Secondary Schools across Nigeria.

It is the cause of almost all the sad tales happening in these schools lately.

Most popular cults today include Red Skin and Black Skull.

There are also girl groups such as Black Bra, Red Bra, Daughters of Jezebel and White Angels.

Leading us to a student of GSS, Dutse Alhaji, FCT Abuja, who opened up about the state of cultism in his school.

According to him, any girl wishing to join the White Angels must first be raped by male members.

The Aro and Ogede cult groups always engage in fights for supremacy, collecting students’ money and phones.

They are also known for skipping classes as well as fighting teachers and the school’s security.

Recently, the school banned carrying of small bags by students as they usually contain weapons.

Plastic bottles often used to convey drugs and other illegal drinks into the school were also banned.

3. Indefinite Closure of Idogho Secondary School in Edo

Idogho Secondary School students set off a riot on December 3, 2021 all to avoid writing their first term exams.

They attacked one of the police officers drafted in the Edo State school to maintain law and order.

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The administrative block was completely vandalized, while documents and other property were set ablaze.

Students also assaulted their principal and teachers.

This pushed the Edo government through its Education Commissioner to order the school’s indefinite closure.

2. Mysterious Death of Keren-Happuch

The death of a 14-year-old student of Premiere Academy, Abuja, Keren-Happuch Akpagher, remains a mystery.

Keren-Happuch was granted request for exeat to go home on personal grounds.

However, she became restless and incoherent after 48 hours back home and was rushed to Queens Clinic, Wuse Zone 6.

Upon examination, doctors discovered she had decayed condom in her private part and sperm cells were found in her urine.

It was there she died, with her passing linked to vaginal infection and sepsis as a result of trauma from sexual molestation.

But the school disagreed with the allegations by her family saying their claims did not add up.

1. Tragic Death of Sylvester Oromoni Jnr.

Sylvester Oromoni Jnr, a JSS 2 student of Dowen College, Lagos died under painfully controversial circumstances.

The school authorities claim that Sylvester sustained injuries while playing football, but his family believed he was instead tortured by school bullies.

Sylvester gave in to wounds allegedly suffered from a violent beat-up from bullies on November 28, 2021.

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This triggered a massive outcry throughout the country with activists, civil rights campaigners, and celebrities speaking up against bullying.

Bullying, cultism, insecurity and harassment are widespread in most Nigerian schools particularly Boarding schools.

The tragic cases of Sylvester, Keren-Happuch and others on this list are just a tip of the iceberg.

To prevent more gory tales, a lot must be done. Parents need to be more open and listen to the plight of their children.

Also, schools are usually ignorant of the dangers resident in their vicinities.

Finally, the government should shutdown schools rampant with cultism to reduce these tragic tales once and for all.


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