My Rooted HP Slate 7 Extreme Android Tablet Ready to tie the knots with A 3G Internet Modem

Different strokes for different folks they say. There are different reasons why people root their android devices. Rooting gives you absolute control over your device while your warranty is voided and no access to OTA updates for your device unless you unroot the device. explains rooting and why it should be done in this article.

That said, few days ago, I discovered one can use an internet modem on an android device. With that amazing discovery, my joy knew no bound; I knew it was an opportunity for me to have high speed internet connection on my amazing HP Slate 7 Extreme Android Tablet which is a Wifi-only (it has no SIM card slot). I have been using the tablet for well over a year now and there are a number of options to have internet access on the device which is why I wrote this article “A Wifi-Only Tablet is Not Useless in Nigeria”.

HP Slate 7 Extreme
HP Slate 7 Extreme

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In order to use an internet modem on your android devices, the widget to use needs to have root access to your device; that means you need to root your device. There are many ways to root an android device, to root devices from popular manufacturers like Samsung, Sony etc. is pretty easy, they have threads on XDA Developers and you’ll be greeted with thousands if not millions of results from a Google search on how to root a popular Samsung device.

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HP might not be known for producing great tablets or smartphones but the HP Slate 7 Extreme is one outstanding device. The tablet received a number of great reviews on Amazon where I bought the device; you can check it out here. Getting a tutorial to root such an unpopular device like that was a bit difficult. In short, I settled for a thread on XDA developers  meant for an earlier HP series of tablets. I followed the tutorial to the letters but the software used in the tutorial did not work for my device.

I was about giving up when I noticed another article about Kingroot. I downloaded the Kingroot computer software which was in Chinese, ugh! At the end of the day, the rooting process stopped at 65%. I was in a hurry to get the rooting done, I did not finish reading the article, later I saw the download link for the mobile app at the end of the article.

Successful Rooting!
Successful Rooting!

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I had earlier installed ADB (Android Debug Bridge) on my phone via Moborobo, I opened the Kingroot application of my HP Slate and with a few clicks, and I was able to root my Tablet. Now, I have root access and I can use a 3G internet modem on my HP Slate 7 Extreme.

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Steps taken to root the HP Slate 7 Extreme

  • Enable USB debugging on your device.
  • Connect your device to your Computer via USB
  • Install ADB through Moborobo (Desktop App)
  • Download Kingroot on (KingRoot official website or XDA Developers), open the app and follow the on-screen prompts.

Stay tuned! The next articles will be on how to use the KingRoot app and using a 3G internet modem on android devices.


*DISCLAIMER: Do note that your warranty is void after rooting your device. TASMAG is not liable for any damages, mal-functioning or error that may during or after rooting your android device.


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