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Random Yarns: Exciting Change or Boring Routine

“The only constant in life is change” is an oxymoron a good number of people readily turn to in consolation after certain happenings. When FC Barcelona budged and allowed a sponsor’s name appear on the club’s jersey having never previously allowed such in a century, oxymoron was applied. When Kendall and Kylie Jenner’s father became a ‘mother’, oxymoron was applied.

Arguably along with Bayern Munich winning the Bundesliga title or Arsenal FC finishing the Premier League season above Tottenham Hotspur, change may truly be the only constant in life and while the concept usually means keeping up with the ‘times’; which in ripple effect implies progression, should every entity be subject to change?

According to Socrates, “The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new” yet we find ourselves in a society almost always fighting against or find something wrong with the ‘old’ norms when striving to make new ‘norms’ thrive.

Consequently, we witness and endure unending keyboard arguments on the level of sexism in religion and the society, which spills on to arguments on to the actual definition of “feminism”, then on to who should do what and what not in a relationship, on to the ideal wedding ceremony, on to pointing fingers in married life… until the arguments get distracted by a stirring statement from any of Femi Adesina, Femi Fani-Kayode, Ayo Fayose, Ben Murray-Bruce or any other prominent person (not necessarily Nigerian).

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Recently, was asked what I would say to someone who feels the Catholic Church has become stale… an entity cannot peacefully be just over two thousand years old? Seriously though, the main grouse of the person is how communion has become boring and how they would prefer if it, basically, got an exciting make over.

Holy Communion is a Sacrament established by Jesus Christ during the Last Supper with the Disciples, one of the two expressly established by Him and one of the seven Sacraments of the Catholic Church which is now received by eligible members (who have gone through the other Sacrament established by Christ; Baptism) of the congregation during Mass.

Therefore, a doctrine is not something you can just up and hand over to Xzibit and his crew to pimp or even to Dr. 90210 to give your self-esteem a boost. In this “I know my rights, move over!” age, one must realise there are some things that must remain unchanged because they are a piece of what forms the foundation of the whole. So simply because it has become boring to you does not mean it must be changed.

It is the habit of wanting everything conform to our personal preference with little or no regard to the rest of existence that brings ‘progressive concepts’ to life, concepts which set out to Holly Holms any Ronda Rousey that has held sway for long (simply put, for the unfamiliar, to knock-out what established order that has been ‘in your way’).

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This habit, as innocently as it begins, is what leads to the idea that it is alright to go under a knife’s creativity as one gender and emerge hours later as another gender. There was an episode of “Keeping up with the Kardashians” where Khloe and Scott were pondering what pronoun to refer former Bruce Jenner with.

It is this sort of “my preference” habit that eventually leads to what those who believe they are, refer to themselves as such… radicals. Why are you being radical when it would be so much better for you, yours and every one around if you are simply rational? If a new way cannot be implemented peacefully, then it is either not the way to go at all or just not the time for it to be.

So, should one’s salvation be dependent on how interesting the reception of Holy Communion can be made? Should salvation rather not be about one submitting self to a higher being rather than a fellow human being? In the end, religion is not the problem… some of us are simply lost and looking for excuses rather than at proper ‘maps’ for proper guidance.

Adeleke Afolayan


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