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10 Cool Get-Away Destinations To Hang Out This Valentine Season

In this season of love, I have deem it fit to help our esteemed readers that want to show love to their partners by pointing out places where they will not only show their partner they care but also have fun like never before. I have compiled a list of 10 of the coolest getaway spots in three major Nigerian cities you and your sweetheart will catch loads of fun. I will start with the commercial city of Lagos.

“Lasgidi”, the home of hustlers, the commercial nerve of the “Niger Area”, the city where it all goes down is renowned for its traffic gridlock, hustling and seemingly difficult terrain. But there are awesome places people can spend their money and never regret during this season of love and every other time. The list below is in no particular other.

1 – La Manga Beach Resort

Valentine season comes with a feeling that is second to none to those that are truly in love and spending that time at La Manga Beach Resort is like returning to the garden of Eden to hobnob with your spouse in an ambiance of coolness and unmatched quietness, La manga provides all these and more. It is beach resort that provides soothing beach walks, a picnic under the palm trees, serenaded candlelit dinner with exquisite cuisines and other fun activities. The surprise awaiting you and your sweetheart at La Manga resort is worth all the money.

La Manga Beach Resort 2
La Manga Beach Resort

La Manga Beach Resort is nested along the unspoiled Atlantic Ocean on the beautiful and alluring Island of Ilashe in Lagos, bordering the Badagry creek.

Visit: www.lamangailashe.com

2 – Inagbe Grand Resorts

To escape the hustle and bustle credited to Lasgidi, here is another getaway that is filled with all the frenzy and coolness you and your lover will need during this season, to stimulate the mushy-mushy and coziness. I bet you will want to try this place out.

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Inagbe Resorts
Inagbe Resorts

This resort is located at Inagbe Island, just 15 minutes away from Victoria Island, Banana Island and Ikoyi.

Visit: www.inagbegrandresorts.com

3 – La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort

From its name, it is a land filled with palm-fringed white sand beaches; the waves transcend all other things when you find yourself in the heart of La Campagne. You can choose between a dip in the refreshing surf of Atlantic Ocean and the mild-mannered water of a fresh water lake. You and your darling will get to lose yourselves in extensive 65-acre lawns, fragrant tropical gardens, mysterious Savannah and cool mangrove forest which gives La Campagne Tropicana its inimitable ambiance. Located in the high-brow Lekki Peninsula, it sure is another place where you can savour the aroma of love with your darling this season.

La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort
La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort

 La Campagne Tropicana is at Ikegun, Ibeju-Lekki Local Government Area off Lekki/Epe Expressway, Lagos

4 – Ember Creek

Ember Creek Waterfront is another destination located in the suburb of Ikoyi, with a view of the flushing waves and the beautiful sounds coming from it. It is a spot you just want to sit and enjoy an exquisite dinner with your partner in the cool environment.

Ember Creek Waterfront
Ember Creek Waterfront

Ember Creek is located on the waterfront of McGreggor creek, Ikoyi, Lagos.

Website: www.embercreek.com

5 – Lekki Leisure Lake

Situated also in the Lekki Peninsula area, overlooking the Atlantic is a resort that is full of life, with loads of games to play for the adventurous lovers. From horse race/ride, BMX bike race/ride and loads of other games, this is ideal for those that just want to catch fun in the open air.

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Lekki Leisure Lake
Lekki Leisure Lake

Now, going to the oil rich Rivers State which the capital city is known as Port-Harcourt, this city is known for its vast richness in our major source of exportation (Oil). But hey! There are loads of cool places you want to try out too if you are spending your valentine’s there with your darling.

6 – Le Meridien Ogeyi Place

This is a blend of luxury amid beauty, its looks have a romantic aura accompanied with its stylishly furnished setting. It has an outdoor pool, spa services and wonderful cuisines. It is surely an ideal place to enjoy a pleasant time with your darling during this season of love.

Le Meridien Ogeyi Place
Le Meridien Ogeyi Place

Le Meridien Ogeyi Place is at 45 Tombia Street, GRA Phase II, adjacent Port-Harcourt Polo Club. Visit lemeridienogeyiplace.com for your reservations

7 – Port-Harcourt Tourist Beach

This place has a wide range of space for lovers that just want to enjoy long walks on the side of the beach with coconut drink in their hands. Sunbathing in a cozy atmosphere gives you and your partner the good times you crave together, accompanied with a good meal from the restaurant. You definitely want to try this place if you find yourself in Port-Harcourt.

8- Isaac Boro Garden Park

With its lush view of fresh water, this place boasts a very good outdoor pool, good bole and fish meal along with loads of fine wine. For lovers that just want a quiet time and good meal combined with wine, this spot is the right place when you are in Port-Harcourt.

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Isaac Boro Garden Park
Isaac Boro Garden Park

Going to the capital City of Abuja; the home of our “National Cake”. This city also boasts loads of fun places where you can spend a memorable time with your spouse. Below are some of the few cool places I recommend in the F.C.T.

9 – Blake Resort

Within the Garki area is situated a fastidious resort that offers a very welcoming outdoor service within a beautifully designed and tranquil ambiance. It is fun place with its own styled luxury look; a perfect place to spend time with with your spouse during this season of love.

10 – Blucabana Lounge

Last on my list is this well-off spot for lovers that just want to enjoy exquisite international cuisines, Blucabana boasts of varieties of German dishes; a candlelit dinner won’t be a bad idea for couples here.

Blucabana Lounge
Blucabana Lounge

Visit: blucabana.com

There you have it! 10 of the coolest getaway destinations in three major Nigerian cities. Do share your experiences and let us know other fascinating spots and resorts that did not make this list. Enjoy and have a fun-filled Valentine season with your loved ones.


Muhammed Abiodun

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