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2022 New Year Resolutions for the Young Nigerian Mind

Nigeria dey red o!

Everyone is looking for 1k to do Detty December but don’t worry, it can happen. Watch out for our next post on how to save money this festive season.

But right now, let’s talk about what has happened so far this year.


Are there goals you failed to achieve this year?

Don’t worry… if our Lord tarries, there is always a new year and with it, a chance to start over and fulfil your life goals, dreams and aspirations.

Next year 2022 may be looking like an extension of 2021 but we refute it. We will always hope and pray for better, and plan for better.


As the ages are turning we need to get smarter, especially in a country like Nigeria were corruption and embezzlement is king.

We need to earn money, work hard and play, enjoy life in the present while planning for the future.

The following is a list of new year resolutions that you need to consider when planning for 2022;


1. Take care of yourself

  • Take care of your skin
  • Diet well
  • Go for a medical check-up
  • Focus on your mental Health

Body no be firewood, as we burn we need to add more wood to the fire so we don’t burn out.

Most people go from year to year without going for a medical check-up. That’s wrong! And starting from the new year, add it to your schedule.

Knowing your health status will help you diagnose any hidden ailment you may have developed in the previous year.


2. Begin an Exercise or Workout Routine

The young Nigerian today is heavily stressed – mentally, physically and emotionally. The whole system disappoints, government, friends and even family some times.

We need to destress and exercise is a good way to do that.

When picking an exercise routine, pick a sport and join a club closest to you. This will quickly help you become integrated into exercising.


3. MOVEMENT – Japa

If you have not Japa yet, I assume you are still working on it. Emigrating for greener pastures is not a bad idea at all, because we need someone to bring the bacon home.

While planning your movement you need to take some things into consideration. Things that will help your applications such as;

  • Work experience
  • Volunteer certificates
  • Good reviews and recommendations

Next year you will not be younger, so plan well on how to file that admission or work application. Thank me later.


4. Invest

We can’t overemphasise this. Always invest your finances in a reliable firm or market. If you are scared of investing then save but not in the bank.

There are better ways to invest and save that you need to explore this new year. Two excellent choices are real estate and online savings platforms.

5. Update your Professional Identity

This isn’t just an update to get a job, but an assessment that you need to conduct on yourself.


What do you do? Are you still doing that or do you want to switch?

Can you register any growth or development since last year?

These are questions you need to ask and answer alone. If you don’t register any growth then you need to improve.


You can do that by;

  • Learning a new relevant skill
  • Focusing on career development
  • Adding more Professional Certifications and qualifications
  • Joining a professional community

Update your resume both online and offline so the world knows you are still there. Still alive and relevant!

6. Pick one day each month of the year and… chop life!

According to Nigerians, Wahala no dey finish oh!


If you plan to eat and enjoy your money when you finally make it big or save millions then you are on a Loooong thing!

Chances are that you may not even eat the money you laboured for. But we forbid it even though unforeseen circumstances are inevitable.

You don’t have to eat or spend all your savings, just a little part to spoil yourself once in a while.


I made a day for such doings and called it a Mock Birthday. For instance, I was born on the 24th of July (not my real birthday) but I enjoy the 24th of every month as if it’s my birthday.

Please take note that I don’t always chop life on that day o, but use it to do positive things for myself. That day is what I set aside as my alone time to;

  • Meditate
  • Redefine goals and dreams
  • Do things that make me happy
  • Remove things I hate in my life
  • And chop life!

Chop life make life no chop you oh!

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