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5 Scarier Things than a Snake in your Toilet

There was something else in there. And when it felt the weight of the world on its head, the snake moved to strike from beneath her crotch!

There was a snake in there with her. On one cool day, at a moment when she decided to do what everyone does when pressed. She sat on her toilet seat, ready to let the relief take over her being, oblivious of the snake in there.

This is not fiction. Oh no. It happened for real to a woman in Abuja, Nigeria! And now, everyone is sceptical about sitting on their toilets, so they don’t end up with a behind full of poison from a snake.

No one wants to become the next snakebite victim in ‘you know where.’ And it’s why you check the toilet bowl twice and once more, then sprinkle the blood of Jesus before relieving themselves.

But do you know that there are scarier things than having a snake bite you in ‘you know where?’

1. Sleeping on your Bed

Sleep is a cousin to death. Whenever we sleep, our mind is not conscious but unconscious. It’s the simplest thing we do every night, but do you know it’s quite scary?

There is always a 50-50 chance that you might never wake up, but we give God the glory that almost everyone who falls asleep wakes up.

Asides from the subconscious hope and struggle to wake up, do you know that anything can visit you while you are asleep?

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And that your visitors might be living or dead?

They might be small living creatures like mosquitoes, cockroaches, ants, falling wall geckos, spiders and even that snake you are so scared of in the toilet!

For dead creatures, it might be ghosts and spirits. Imagine yourself sleeping, tossing and turning and then you sense something besides you or on your body.

But you live alone! Try not to scream!

2. Anything Wet

There is always a hazard in every home and the most common of them? Wet surfaces. As long as there are human activities in a home, there will always be accidents caused by human errors.

You can slip anywhere – in the bathroom, the kitchen, the stairs, the hallway. Falls can be very dangerous to our health. In the process of falling, someone can dislocate a vital bone or even die.

So can you always guarantee that your home is safe?

3. Electrocution

Getting electrocuted is not the shocking experience one bargains for in life. You can only disagree if you’ve been electrocuted before.

There are little known cases of surviving a serious electrocution because it’s a fast and scary way to meet the Lord. And it doesn’t take thousands of volts charging through you to achieve that. Anything above 30 volts and yes, you’re toast… yep, it’s that scary.

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And there is always a chance of being electrocuted in our homes. Many homes have a naked wire or an informal means of switching on electrical appliances.

Once in my home, we had an electric iron that had no plug. We used the naked wires to plug directly into the wall socket, running away whenever it sparked. And there are many homes like this.

We always try to economise and manage things. Is that not a madness?

Now, couple this with what we said earlier about having the floors wet. Whenever there are naked wires connected to a wet ground or wall, the result is electrocution.

4. Ceiling Collapse

If you live in a house, a penthouse, bungalow, or ground floor there must always be a type of ceiling or cemented block over your head.

And there is always a tendency for your ceiling to cave in at any moment. These days, no one knows where builders get substandard materials for building a house.

They want to save costs and as we know everyone wants to be smart in their business. There are reports of such case around the world, in India, Nigeria etc.

Imagine falling asleep to have your ceiling also falling on you.

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There is no way to be sure that the house you live in was built perfectly. You can only hope that when you sleep, nothing should fall on you.

5. Cooking Gas Explosion

This should be the scariest on the list. Everyone in this modern day cooks with gas. It is preferable for cooking because it’s fast, cleaner and easier to use. But also deadly.

Gas is packaged in small and big cylinders that can leak. Sometimes it can also leak when the valve is not closed properly.

Explosion normally occur when there are gas leaks. A cooking gas explosion can occur when we use electric devices such as laptops and phones in the kitchen.

These things can cause a spark that is can cause the already leaked gas to ignite. Now if you go back to what we said earlier about the electrocution then you know sparks can fly at any time.

There are always scary incidents that can happen in your home.

It’s best to not worry about them but sometimes just know that it can happen


Ngozi Nwaubani

She's usually found writing Sci-Fi and fun articles on entertainment and lifestyle.

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