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Good Bots vs Bad Bots: How I got My PlayStation 5

It has been really difficult for genuine gamers to get their hands on the next-generation PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles since their respective launches last year. All thanks to global semiconductor shortage (partly due to the pandemic) and scalpers having a field day with their bots.

The PlayStation 5 caught my eyes since I saw the launch videos. I was not actively searching for a console due to the aforementioned reasons. However, I came across this article 3 weeks ago and it sparked my interest to try again. The article details a good strategy for websites using a queuing system to keep scalpers and their bots at bay.

Then it occurred to me: If scalpers use their bots for ‘bad’, there should be good developers out there who also want ‘genuine’ gamers to get their hands on a console.

After a few keyword combinations on Google Search, I followed one of the good bots on Twitter with my notifications turned on. I used the strategy from the article days later when Euronics.de had stock. After about an hour of automatic refresh on the Euronics website, the PlayStation 5 was out of stock. Having seen the potential, I followed 2 more bots to increase my chances.

Good Bots to Follow on Twitter

These accounts are relevant for residents of Austria, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Expand your search, there are other country-specific bots.

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After about 2 weeks of clicking links and disappointments at checkout, I finally got one on Otto on the 30th of March. At first, I did not believe it when the order was completed because I had to create an Otto account as fast as possible. Luckily, I don’t have to enter payment details to complete the order. I gave up on the order when I got an on-screen message that the next steps will be sent to my email. Really?

Interestingly, many websites had stock on this day, I nearly snap up 2 consoles on Saturn, unfortunately, the pickup option was not available for Munich. Eventually, I received the email confirmation from Otto asking me to make a deposit of €170 to lock in my order. My Bank’s Instant Transfer service came in handy as Otto received and confirmed the payment promptly. I received my PS5 5 days later.

That’s it! That’s how I got my PS5.


  1. Follow the bots on Twitter.
  2. Turn on notifications for these Twitter accounts.
  3. Create an account on:
    • Amazon.de
    • Saturn.de
    • MediaMarkt.de
    • Otto.de
    • Alternative.de
    • Toys.de
    • Euronics.de
      Note: You can delete the accounts after the PS5 brouhaha.
  4. Add a payment method.
  5. Do not sign out of these accounts.
  6. Once you get a notification from a Twitter bot, click on the link immediately. You will be surprised a ‘big drop’ can be sold out within a few minutes.
  7. The word on the street is that you need to keep an eye on Amazon after the Easter holidays.
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PS5 Games Deals

Check the links below for ongoing deals and price drop on PlayStation games:
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In conclusion, I don’t think many gamers will get their hands on the PS5 any time soon. With scalpers on a rampage, semiconductor shortages, and going by the PS4 sales record, Sony has about a hundred million units of consoles to go. The results from the survey below tell only a fraction of the PS5 stock story.

PS5 Survey
PS5 Survey

I hope this helps. All the best!


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A tech-savvy Linguist, lazy Writer and conservative Foodie.

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