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NFT, Remote Jobs and More: How 5 Tech Changes Worldwide Affect You

The knowledge of science and tech improves daily. It’s the reason why you are reading this post from your phone, tab or laptop.

Twenty to twenty-five years ago, that wasn’t so possible. Back then, diskettes, desktop computers and such were high-level and rampant.

Things are always changing just like the way we get new clothes and doing away with old clothes and style.


Our world keeps advancing and it’s only right that we all as humans advance along with it.

Evolve or die, it’s simple.

Humanity, as a community and as individuals, needs to advance. Imagine this, would you let a caveman use your computer? Or live in your smart home or drive your modern car?


Err…no. Unless you were shooting a Hollywood blockbuster.

Science and technology affect us one way or the other, directly or indirectly. And it’s always best to choose that it affects us in a positive way.

Below are some notable changes that have affected the globe.


1. Remote Jobs and Video Conferencing

Remote jobs involve a flexible working arrangement which allows you to work from any location outside a corporate office.

These work arrangements can be temporary or permanent, part-time or full-time.

Since the arrival of COVID-19 into our reality, remote jobs and video conferencing have been on the rise. With the lockdown in 2020, the digital world catered to and is still serving the need to work from home (WFH).


The basic tools needed for this kind of job are;

  • Phone/Laptop
  • Internet access
  • Video conference app

2. Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning

AI continues to be one of the new technology trends in the last decade. It influences how we live, work and play through tools concerning image and speech recognition, navigation, smartphone personal assistants, ride-sharing and more.

Can Robots take our jobs |
Source: Stanford Graduate School of Business

The AI industry is just in its early phase. It will grow even bigger in ages to come, creating new jobs in research and development, programming, testing, support and maintenance.


Machine Learning is the subset of AI that is being deployed in all kinds of industries, creating also a huge demand for skilled professionals. 

The jobs predicted to be in vogue in the industry by 2025 are;

  • AI Research Scientist
  • AI Engineer
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • AI Architect
  • Robot monitoring professionals
  • Data Scientist
  • Automation specialists, and content curators,

3. Telemedicine and Telehealth

Examples: Signaladoc


Getting quick and timely medical advice is now online. There’s no need to buy cards and wait all day in the hospital for a doctor.

Telehealth apps have made it easy to speak with a doctor and administer first aid.

4. Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and the Metaverse

Tech also has the world moving in the direction of Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Extended Reality (ER). VR takes the user into a virtual environment while AR enhances their environment.


Although these are primarily being used for gaming, they also have various uses such as simulation training, watching movies, education and more.

The next big thing on the internet right now is building an immersive 3D digital world. One of such companies that plan to achieve this is META (nee Facebook) with the Metaverse.

VR is a vital tool for this new direction. Therefore, the global AR and VR markets are expected to grow drastically. Thus creating more opportunities, jobs and welcoming more professionals.


Getting started in VR doesn’t require a lot of specialised knowledge. Just basic programming skills and a positive mindset and you are good to go!

5. Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and NFT technology

Blockchain offers security for digital assets that are useful in many other ways. Most of which are cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Floki, among others. NFT on its part stands for Non-fungible token and is used for the sale of digital art.


NFTs are unique and can’t be replaced with something else like, for instance, Bitcoin. Bitcoin is fungible, if you trade for another Bitcoin you will get the same thing in return; but not with NFT.

Blockchain technology is here to stay and it’s best we get familiar with it.

It has the tendency of fully becoming the way to send and receive money. Quite stress-free. There are also lots of job opportunities in the sector such as;

  • Risk Analyst
  • Tech Architect
  • Crypto Community Manager
  • Front End Engineer
  • Crypto trader

Mastering blockchain or any other new advancement in technology can help you scale up in a variety of fields and industries.

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