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How Difficult Can It Possibly Be To Surprise Men with Gift?

A lot of men claim they rarely receive gifts. Even the few that acknowledged that they do get a rare gift express the sad belief that a lot of thoughts did not go into the acquisition of those gifts.

Perhaps, this is because of society’s expectations that men should provide instead of receive. Hence, so many men do not expect to receive gifts for their birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, and even Valentine’s Day.

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I prefer to give my male friends money or a drink (alcoholic or otherwise) of their preference. Meanwhile, some women have claimed that deciding on a gift for a man is difficult., especially when the individual to be gifted has more than enough shoes, watches, and any of the other items that first come to mind when they are out shopping for a man’s gift.

Here are some items men would appreciate as gifts, especially when they come as a surprise.

Get food for him

When it comes to gifting, you cannot go wrong with food. Everybody is a foodie when the food is right.

You can surprise him with a meal that contains Eba or Pounded Yam with soup corrupted with Crayfish, stockfish, Kpomo, Roundabout, shaki, and all sorts of assorted pieces of meat.

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I would be surprised if any Nigerian man turned down a plate of mouth-watering Ofada rice or Jollof with several obstacles of delicious protein obstructing his spoon every time he tries to stir the food.

This gift can be acquired relatively easy too as there are numerous food vendors and caterers that can help with preparing any meal you want to your taste. It is important to avoid foods that the receiver is allergic to or does not eat in order to avoid any awkward moments.

Customised accessories

Do you know why that “World’s Best Dad” mug is the ultimate Father’s Day gift? The inscription elevates the regular mug to a cup that is more appreciated than the FIFA World Cup. Ask around.

Accessories such as wristwatches, bracelets, and cufflinks can be excellent gifts when personalised. I suggest adding inscriptions (cheesy or not) on these items when you give them as gifts. Such inscription is the extra thought needed to upgrade your “small gift” to a “priceless one.”

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If the man is a sports lover, a current jersey of his favourite sports club is a great idea. Again, personalise it. The jersey can be customised with his name and the number of his favourite player or his lucky number even.

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A shaving kit which comprise any of a clipper, shaving cream, beard oil, aftershave, cologne, and more, also serve as amazing gifts for men.

Final Advice

Gifts are more appreciated when they are thoughtful and essential to the recipient. It is easier to get a gift for someone that you know because you can anticipate their needs and items that would be appreciated.

Spending a lot of money on a gift that the recipient cannot use is a waste of effort, time, and money.

Happy gifting.


Tomiwo Ojo

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