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How to Know You are on the Wrong Path in Life

How to Know You are on the Wrong Path in Life

Life is one journey that doesn’t use a GPS. Why? Everyone must surely get lost on their way to their life goals and achievements.

Since it’s natural to lose our way, we must be intentional about moving in the right direction.

We should always look at the signs to know if we have missed or taken a wrong turn and that’s why we’ve listed ways for you to know if you are on the right path:


1. Losing interest in the things you once enjoyed

losing interest in things you once enjoyed - How to Know You are on the Wrong Path in Life | tasmag

If you have lost interest in the things you love doing then there definitely is something wrong.

This could be in your career, your friendships, or in your relationship.

Whenever you feel a burden on things you used to enjoy, then you are definitely somewhere you don’t want to be.


2. You feel uninspired/empty

You feel uninspired - How to Know You are on the Wrong Path in Life | tasmag

Inspiration is the fuel of the soul, if you’re running out of it then you are definitely running out of fulfilling your life’s goals.

What is your purpose? Do you feel uninspired lately in chasing your dreams?

Think again, there must be something you are not doing right.


3. Everything is going wrong

everything is going wrong - How to Know You are on the Wrong Path in Life | tasmag

The thing about life is that when you’re heading in the right direction, you always feel on track. Everything flows seamlessly.

But if you step off the path, everything goes wrong – your phone screen breaks, traffic lights always turn red on you, you get sick… on and on they come.

Don’t think life is not out to get you, think perhaps the signs are trying to warn you.


4. You’re turning to drugs or alcohol for comfort

drugs or alcohol - How to Know You are on the Wrong Path in Life | tasmag

Are you drinking or eating too much? Or abusing drugs to bring you relief? Or perhaps working too hard?

When our lives are out of balance, they veer towards our greatest weakness.

If you’re doing anything in excess, then you know you’re off track.


Burying oneself in certain activities for comfort is just another way to hide from important things in your life.

Being a workaholic is a great excuse for most of us.

We can lie and tell ourselves we’re getting somewhere but we’re actually keeping ourselves too busy to notice the real issues.


5. You fantasize about what your life could / would / should be like

fantasise about life - How to Know You are on the Wrong Path in Life | tasmag

By fantasizing about what our lives should be like, we try to escape from reality.

If you dream about something other than what’s realistic, you are technically fed up with something in your life.

6. You feel stressed, and get irritated easily

you feel stressed - How to Know You are on the Wrong Path in Life | tasmag

In other words, you are angry.


Deep down you feel something is not right so you feel stressed and irritated about anything that happens around you.

It’s even hard to feel happy about events that happen in your life or to others at this point.

When you see others succeeding, you would feel irritated and sad. Please just meditate.


Don’t act on your negative emotions because hurting others physically or emotionally will still not help put you back on the right path.

7. You struggle to sleep at night and question everything

struggle to sleep - How to Know You are on the Wrong Path in Life | tasmag

Depression is a huge sign that you are on the wrong path. You can’t sleep or eat without feeling depressed or in tears.

And even sometimes, you have nightmares because you are really bothered.


When you discover these signs, know that you are going down the wrong path.

8. Your achievements don’t bring you satisfaction

no satisfaction - How to Know You are on the Wrong Path in Life | tasmag

This is also a huge sign that you have walked down a path you don’t want any part in.

Are you getting accolades for a job you despise? Or just realised you got a degree or diploma for doing a course you don’t really like?


That’s a huge sign that you have chosen a career path that you are not passionate about.

It’s okay. It’s not the end of the road. It’s never too late to do whatever you want. Just make sure you start, right now!

9. You feel like running away from it all

running away - You are on the Wrong Path in Life | tasmag

Be careful when you want to escape from the harsh realities of life.


When things don’t go well you might feel better after watching a movie, taking a walk, or a mini-vacation. Don’t ever see suicide as a way out.

An Arabian proverb goes:

If you want to kill yourself, jump into the river. You will see yourself struggling to survive. It is not that you want to kill yourself, but because there is something inside that you want to kill


So, what are you running away from? Whatever it is, it’s what you need to address instead of running away.

10. You feel anxious

feel anxious You are on the Wrong Path in Life | tasmag

No one can feel anxious in a place they are comfortable. If you constantly feel anxious then that is a sign.

But what can you do?


Life is a journey, so wherever you are presently is just a phase, not a destination.

At least customize your comfort zones into a pleasant place to be. 

Your comfort zone may be a job that pays the bills to keep you in a life that you hate.


It may be a relationship that is going nowhere but is too safe to leave.

Take time out to listen to yourself. Meditate. The best guide you have is what is inside you.

If you have a strong feeling in your gut that you have lost your way, listen to it.


It doesn’t matter if it seems illogical, or if other important people will disapprove. It’s your life, and you’re the only one who knows if you are truly living it.

Listen to your inner voice, that nagging feeling in your gut that tells you you’re on the wrong path.

And when it speaks to you don’t fight it, don’t say that’s impossible, don’t think about anyone that will disapprove.


Like Nike says, “just do it”. Listen to your inner self.

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