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Make Legit Money Online
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How to Make Legit Money and Get Paid Online

There are hundreds if not thousands of websites out there where you can make legit money online. However, there are equally scam websites that will waste your time and energy. The ‘average Nigerian’ spends at least ₦5000 monthly on internet connectivity, and there should be at least one way to get it back, right?

The internet is loaded with many fake sites and a handful of genuine websites that are really hard to find. For your sake, I will be sharing two of those genuine sites where you can get paid with you.

Before you ask, no, it doesn’t pay you $200 an hour like all those fake lies you see on Youtube and social media. The rewards are not so much, but that’s how you know they are genuine. A tiny drop of water makes a mighty ocean, so slow and steady wins the prize.


1. Star-Clicks

One of the sites I came across when researching how to make money online was Star-Clicks. This website pays you 1 cent for clicking on website ads, and it gives a total of eleven ads per day which makes a total of 11 Cents. Yes, it’s small, but you can make something out of it with consistency. The least payout is $50, which is the equivalent of ₦20,000.

Star-clicks_make legit money online

Alternatively, if you don’t like to earn such small commissions, you can upgrade your account if you want to go in big. As stated earlier, you earn 1 Cent per click if you have a free account. If you want to make significant money, you can upgrade your account by paying $19 and $49; these options pay more per click and, in turn, give more money (depending on which paid membership you choose).


If you are doing this for the first time and don't trust the website, you can wait untill you reach the $50 threshold. Then use your earnings to upgrade your account.  To get create and verify your account follow the following steps.

Sign up in 5 easy steps

  1. Go to the website
  2. Sign up for a publisher account
  3. Create your account
  4. Complete your mobile registration (with a desktop computer or change from desktop to the mobile site on your phone)
  5. Start clicking ads daily

How do you receive your earnings?

You can make up to $50 to $100 for doing nothing but clicking on ads. The site offers pays out to Paypal, Bitcoin, Bank Transfer and Western Union. The best options to receive payment are certainly BTC and Paypal; the rest are not advisable to those in Nigeria. If you are sceptical about this site, you can read a concise review here.

If you are ready to make money online, you need to have a Paypal account that can be used to receive payment. Most platforms that pay users online pay through it, so it might be stressful to create one if you don’t already have a receiving account.

paypal_make legit money online

Paypal is available in Nigeria for sending and buying online but not for receiving because it is believed that it will be abused – you know who might abuse it. Though this is true, it is still possible to get one. It is tedious to create one, so it is better if you know someone who already has an existing account. Someone you know and trust very well to help you receive the money and send it to your bank account or wherever.


2. Facebook Viewpoints

If you haven’t heard about it, I am glad to introduce it to you. Viewpoints is a mobile application powered by yours truly, Meta (Facebook). Meta made the app to reward you for using Facebook. It is no secret that the attention of the netizens has shifted to other social media applications (TikTok) that are more rewarding to their craft. Meta is trying to get users back, I think.


Viewpoints also pay their users but at a higher rate. It awards $3 weekly, and the least payout is $3, $5, and $10 gift cards. There are different gift cards from various brands such as Visa, Jumia, and Shoprite. Also, if you have a humanitarian desire to help others, you can give your reward earnings to charities such as Amnesty International through the app.

This app by Facebook doesn’t work on referral but strictly by invitation. To get on the list, you need to follow the following steps.



  1. Download Viewpoints
  2. Register on the app
  3. Wait for an invitation mail to join a program
  4. Download Study app
  5. Complete task and use Facebook

It might seem like a chore, but you don’t have to use Facebook. You can just open it on your phone in the background and go about your business.

Final Note

The internet is full of scam sites, but when you take a closer look, you will see that there are legit ones. And if you are wondering how to use your gift cards, you can trade them for cash or just buy things with them.


Are there any websites where you have made some money?

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