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Never Give Up

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This was first published on Build Your Heart Magazine Enjoy!

A lesson I re-learnt about life: I had my first workout in four months earlier this morning. The urge to workout came during my late night ‘Tving’ and the fact that I can’t live with this protruding belly, I’m not a politician…lol. I knew I was not going to sleep all night due to the unusual four hours nap I had the previous afternoon when PHCN did what they know how to do best.

After switching from channels, I decided to lace my running shoes around 5:40 am which I tucked away since my final papers. I said the morning prayers and hit the road. I stated the workout exactly at 6:32 am from Makuns Hotel junction, Osogbo. My usual routine is to jog from the earlier mentioned point to and fro Lameco junction in less than 15 minutess with ease, I actually enjoyed it: the morning breeze was perfect.

About 5 minutes back to my starting point, my whole body could not take it any longer. That could be associated to my long break from workout. My ankles start to ache, my legs felt like they are about to fall off, I could hear something telling me to STOP! STOP!!, STOP!!! Another voice told me to continue. Good vs evil I guess, the two thought kept battling until I switched my attention to the song on my earpiece yet I did not stop, I kept struggling with the aches and pain running through my veins. Despite the pain, I kept running, something just kept me going. I never gave in to the thought of stopping.

Shortly after climbing that mountain, I started enjoying it once again till I got back to my starting point. This is a similar event to what happens in real life where we are faced with choices and taking actions. When we face challenges, we feel like giving up and not fighting back. But you don’t have to give up, you keep pushing and trying: You’ll surely prevail. After your victory start enjoying the fruits of your labour.

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No pain, no gain they say, when faced with choices, never give negative thoughts a chance. Believe in yourself and believe in God. Follow your heart when it matters most. I’ll like to admonish you never to give up.


Ọlájídé Ishola

A tech-savvy Linguist, lazy Writer and conservative Foodie.

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