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“Junk” Got Me Inspired

This is the welcome message by TASMAG Founder, Olajide Ishola.   Is this your first time on TASMAG? Read about us here and check out how to submit your contributions here.  

Dear readers, thanks for visiting TASMAG. I have been waiting for this day to come and here we are! Today 1st of December, 2014 TASMAG launches after several months of procrastination. I won’t make this ‘address’ too long and I hope you enjoy it.

Just the other day on Wazobia TV, a lonely Saturday as usual since NYSC POP. A song started on TV; Junk by Rasaq. The name doesn’t ring a bell right? I actually wanted to switch channel but the beat got me, its my kind of song; slow jam. The song is a ‘talk’ rap and a breakaway from the commercial songs we are used to.

The introduction caught my fancy. Rasaq started by telling the audience

‘I’m a star,

You’re stars,

we all shine,

Imagine if all of come together,

We gonna sparkle,

And we are all winners no chapel’

From what I deduced from the message he’s trying to pass across. He is imploring us to all come together with our individual abilities to make positive and productive impact in our different societies and Nigeria at large.

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He went further depicting how life is hard without stable power supply in the country. This seem like the theme of the song but he made a very important point that the government should tell us how much it will cost to have stable power supply in Nigeria. He further imagined if 100 million Nigerians save N100 in a bank account, we could solve the electricity palaver of Nigeria. After fixing Electricity, we then move on to fix other social amenities if we contribute N30 every week.

This is a clarion call on all Nigerians not to wait for the practically nonexistent government who have forgotten the masses. More community efforts are needed for true development in all facets of our National life.

In relation to Razaq’s message, TASMAG is here for us to build the largest network of creative writers in Nigeria together. The major objective of TASMAG is to bring students, youths and young professionals together, to discuss, showcase our writing skills, groom it, network and help one another.

It is my hope that from TASMAG, many talented authors and editors shall gain employment and freelance for top media houses through this platform.

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Let’s do it people! Thank you once again for stopping by. Welcome!

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I’ll leave you with the video of the song called Junk. Enjoy!

Ọlájídé Ishola

A tech-savvy Linguist, lazy Writer and conservative Foodie.


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