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Prophetic predictions for 2022
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Scary World Predictions Prophesied For 2022

Humans have always been curious beings, wanting to know about their fate or the future. Astrologers, numerologists, and tarot readers have been making their local and scary world predictions for centuries, with people believing in them or not like weather forecasts.

People believe prophecies to some point, whether in mystics or psychics or even a preacher or the pope. However, it is vital not to get too carried away. Prophesies are meant to serve as warnings, not a guide to living life.

But sometimes, don’t you wonder about what 2022 has in store for us? Will the world end? If mystics and prophets are trustworthy and can be trusted? If so, Let’s find out.


1. Prophecies From Nostradamus

Nostradamus scary world predictions

Michel de Nôtre-Dame was a famous French philosopher, astronomer, and astrologer who was widely known for his accurate predictions. In 1555, he published the book called “Les Prophéties”, a collection of quatrains featuring 942 poetic quatrains that allegedly foretold the future. 

Over the centuries, people have been making connections and correlations between the predictions of Nostradamus with major historical events. To some point, they seem to come true, and that leaves people to believe or not. With that said, let us look at some of Nostradamus’ predictions for 2022.

The death of a political leader

"The sudden death of the first character, he will be changed and they will put another in his kingdom" (Century IV : 14)

Interpreters of Nostradamus’ writings believe this line signals the physical disappearance of an important member of the international political community. There are numerous speculations as to who it could be. Some believe it to be Kim Jong-Un, the leader of North Korea; for others, Queen Elizabeth of Great Britain; while others suggest that it is Joe Biden, current president of the United States.


War / Invasion of France 

“Blue-head shall white-head, harm in such degree, As France’s good to both shall e’er amount.” (Century II : 2)

Nostradamus’ predictions are based on astrological movements, so it is hard to pin down the dates. However, one that can be narrowed down to perhaps being due in 2022 is the prediction of war reaching Europe. With the current events happening between Russia and Ukraine right now, we can see been fulfilled.

The invasion of France by a threat from the east is another recurring theme throughout Nostradamus’ predictions. This prediction has hinted toward the breakout of a WWIII that may be brewing under our noses. Let’s hope France makes it out of 2022 in one piece.

Inflation and starvation

“No abbots, monks, no novices to learn; Honey shall cost far more than candle-wax” “So high the price of wheat, That man is stirred, His fellow man to eat in his despair” (Century I : 44)

Nostradamus warns against inflation and starvation in a failing economy. He even warns about cannibalism, and all these are not so peculiar to our world today. Most nations face devastating inflation rates, and fuel prices are rising and affecting all the general commodities. Whether Nostradamus said it figuratively or metaphorically or not these predictions are too close to comfort.


Global Warming

“Like the sun the head shall sear the shining sea:  The Black Sea’s living fish shall all but boil. When Rhodes and Genoa, half-starved shall be. The local folk to cut them up shall toil.” (Century II : 3)

Global warming may not come as a surprise, but it should be known that rising sea temperatures were something that Nostradamus predicted in 1555. 

Nostradamus predicts the earth will become so hot that fish will boil in the sea, but this might sound too much for 2022, but can one say? The earth is already going through some initial phase ‘extinction-level’ events; the ice in Antarctica is melting, and extinct animals. Human wars and activities are also extinctially getting worse. Do we think the results of global warming will come in the far future or now?

Nuclear drought

“For forty years the rainbow will not be seen, for 40 years it will be seen every day. The dry earth will grow more parched, and there will be great floods when it is seen,”  (Century I: 17)

Due to this passage, it is believed by doomdayers that a nuclear explosion will severely trigger climate change. According to this prophecy, there will be droughts and floods like in the biblical days. This may already be upon us as countries like Chile have become painfully parched.


Currently, many nations are armed with nukes. With the growing tensions in Europe, a nuclear strike is not out of the picture. If it happens, it could cause cataclysmic water shortages due to the fall out.

Rise of Cryptocurrencies

The copies of gold and silver inflated, which after the theft were thrown into the lake, at the discovery that all is exhausted and dissipated by the debt, all scripts and bonds will be wiped out.” (Century VIII: 28)

In addition to inflation, the rise of cryptocurrency is already happening. A wave of engineers and developers are joining forces with crypto startups. The emergence of web 3.0 has provided a realistic scenario where all money will be decentralized and controlled by individuals. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are paving the way for the future. Interestingly, he made this prediction 500 years ago, centuries before the early computers were invented.

Rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

“The Moon in the full of night over the high mountain, the new sage with a lone brain sees it: By his disciples invited to be immortal, eyes to the south. Hands in bosoms, bodies in the fire.” (Century IV: 31)

These lines hint at the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Products of AI range from smart speakers and predictive text to facial recognition and self-driving cars. They are still evolving, but we are not focused on that. There have been warnings especially when it comes to robots; Nostradamus also issued his warning about immortal disciples and the potentially harmful consequences.


The fall of the European Union.

"Sacred temples of the Roman time, will reject the foundations of their foundation." (Century II : 8)

Interpreters of Nostradamus’ writings believe that here he refers to the European Union and anticipates its destruction. Who knows if it is something that started with Brexit? Ukraine is trying to join the EU and NATO while Russia relents. The war between both nations may lead to the dissolution of this political community or even more.

2. Baba Vanga

Baba Vanga the blind mystic | scary predictions

Baba Vanga was a blind Bulgarian mystic who claimed she became enabled by God to see into the future after losing her sight when she was 12. The Clairvoyant claimed that her eyes were shut to this physical plane, then opened into another right up to her death in 1996.

She is nicknamed the Nostradamus of the Balkans because, like him, her visions are said to be 85% correct. She predicted the Chernobyl tragedy, the death of Princess Diana, 9/11, Brexit, and the dissolution of the Soviet Union.


Before her death, she made future predictions for 2022, and yes, they are terrifying. Let’s take a look.

An increase in catastrophes

Baba had predicted that Australia and several Asian countries would be hit by “intense bouts of floods,” resulting in more earthquakes and tsunamis. This sounds quite familiar.

Another lethal virus

Going by the prediction, the COVID-19 pandemic sounds like a warm-up. According to Baba, another pandemic discovered in Siberia will emerge. This pandemic will be caused by a frozen virus released due to climate change and global warming. Is it just me, or are these prophecies beginning to fit?


Water shortages

Also, the struggle to access drinking water will become real in some cities as countries are forced to find alternatives caused by droughts. Nostradamus predicted this five centuries ago, it is either they are truly right or dead wrong.

Aliens may arrive on Earth

According to Vanga, an asteroid known as “Oumuamua” will be sent by aliens to explore whether there is life on earth. These aliens will not be the nice kind; they could abduct and take prisoners when they land and stuffs like that.

Let it be known that last year NASA was reported to enlisting priests and religious leaders around the world to prepare humans for alien discovery. If you ask me, this prediction’s possibility is almost 90%.


Locusts may attack India

Baba predicted temperatures reaching 50C in India and crop-attacking locusts would follow, leading to great famine.

Virtual reality takeover

Baba envisioned that in 2022, people would spend more time in front of screens more than any other time. Due to our increasing addiction to technology, people will begin to confuse fantasy and reality.

3. Pastor Enoch Adeboye prophecy

 Pastor Adeboye predictions

Pastor Enoch Adeboye, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Nigeria RCCG, also gave prophecies for 2022.


The famous religious leader made some positive prophetic declarations for his members, Nigeria, and the international community.

Prophecies on persons

According to the GO, his church members were going to experience:

  • Reduction in infant mortality rate by at least 50%
  • More than 80% of projects starting in 2022 will be succeessful
  • It will be the year of emergence of previously unknown stars
  • It would be a year of massive breakthroughs for science and financial communities.

Prophecies for the Intercontinental community

  • Migration will take a positive turn
  • Two monstrous storms from the Atlantic and Pacific will affect major cities with terrible results unless averted

4. David Oyedepo

Bishop Oyedepo predictions

Bishop David Oyedepo is a Nigerian preacher, and the founder of the Living Faith Church Worldwide. He also made his prophetic declarations for the year.


He released the prophetic declarations for the year on his Twitter handle.

According to the prophet, 2022 will be a year of thanksgiving for households, accomplishments, restoration of broken homes, and all good things.


5. Daniel Olukoya

Daniel Olukoya Predictions

Dr. Daniel Olukoya is the founder and general overseer of Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries (MFM), a huge gospel denomination in Nigeria.

  • Friendly nations disagreeing and betraying each other and going into war
  • Inflation and starvation.
  • Massive political instability that will cause confusion
  • Strange deaths
  • Increased persecution of Christians

Final Note

The prophecies outlined here were made over centuries, some decades while the rest a few months ago. Some skeptics believe the future is not so easily determined, while others fully embrace it. I think the best option is to live your life to the fullest; believing in these warning signs may influence us to change our ways, and people may not like that. The truth is that most of these predictions are scary and caused by humans.

The religious prophecies were more positive and personal than the blind mystic and astronomer who focused on the world. Who knows, maybe some people will prosper on one end while the others suffer on the other side. They are also one or two similarities between predictions forcing people to think twice about it.


The intelligent thing to do will be to live better, treat the earth and live as one, but we don’t want mystics and prophets to influence our daily lives, right?

But what if we tried to live better? As in attempt it, who knows, things might change. Tsunamis and natural disasters will not be punishing humans like they are now.

What do you think? Do you believe any of these prophecies are real? Is it possible to change the fate of the earth or the humans before it’s too late?


Comment your thoughts below.

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